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ASFAs: The good, the bad and the ugly

by Editorial Team
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By Ivan Kabuye

Even at a wedding where everyone is expected to be smartly dressed, there will be that one person who might have forgotten to wear a tie, or unmatched socks, or looking shabby.

The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs) red carpet was not for every Tom, Dick and Harry in fashion. It took one to not only have nailed the outfit, but also looked unique from others.

The bad

With even some Ugandan celebrities, we didn’t understand what their fashion was about, maybe if we got a chance, we would have asked them what their source of inspiration was in that case.

The good

Away from the celebrities, there were those revellers who charmed the crowds with their unique fashion

as they walked on the red carpet looking elegant, stylish, fancy, and fabulous.

The ugly

There were also those who didn’t even understand the assignment at all, maybe their dream was to walk, and pose on the red carpet so that they can feel the moment for a while.

There were those who moved with animals on the red carpet while others came carrying their closets with them.

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