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Artistes without hit songs should avoid albums- Ruyonga

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By Ahmad Muto
Rapper Ruyonga has argued that local artistes without hit songs should desist from releasing albums because it goes against the local consumer habits. He explained that locally, a hit single is the selling point of any artiste’s body of work therefore, an album without a hit can never become a commercial success.
“Albums have the expectations that they should be commercial. A single is the most commercial element. We are living in an era of singles. Nobody is going to buy your albums if your singles don’t pop,” he said. 
He stated though that for hiphop, it is a mixtape that makes an artiste and anyone without it hasn’t yet fully experimented his craft.
“Mixtape is a hiphop thing but if an artiste of a different genre does it, it is fine. It is a good promotional tool if you know how to use it. Any hiphop act who hasn’t done a mixtape hasn’t exhibited their craft like they should. Albums are very refined. You telling a story that should appeal to a number of people. But Mixtapes are for core fans, you can sing or rap the way you want,” he deduced
Ruyonga has four albums African, ‘S.O.S’, ‘Glory fire’, ‘Voice of my father’ –  and a mixtape – ‘God Over Money’ to his name.

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