Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Artistes pull out of UG Connect Concerts

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Some local acts that were lined up for the UG Connect concert set for the next 54 weeks have pulled out of the series of virtual gigs. One of them is singer David Lutalo who made it known that the reason he opted out even after being advertised was because of one of the organisers – Balunywa of Balunywa promotions.
However, according to Balunywa, Lutalo hasn’t quit because of him but those that contacted him. He claimed that they finalised with Lutalo and added him on the list, ads started running. But, the issue was the commitment fee paid to artistes. “This one is paid at the venue. It is not me or Halima Namakula. When they told him about that arrangement? He didn’t warm up to it,” said Balunywa
Lutalo has not had a good relationship with Balunywa like many other local artistes over the issue pf the stimulus funds that they claim promoters distributed among themselves. Also, Lutalo claimed he was not a beneficiary but it was reported they compensated him for his concerts that got cancelled last year because of the covid-19 induced lockdown.
Singer Spice Diana was one of the artistes that graced the stage on Saturday but her discomfort with the arrangement betrayed her. She wondered afterwards if 54 concerts meant the lockdown was to continue for a year and why not everyone is likely to benefit from the arrangement.

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