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Ape exhibition launched at Uganda Museum

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By Dickson Ndugwa

The Apes of Uganda Exhibition was launched by tourism minister Tom Butime at the Uganda Museum in Kampala on Friday, February 24. The exhibition will run from February 24 till August 30, 2023.

The launch event started at 9:00am with a panel discussion in the museum conference room. Dignitaries from different ministries were present.

Prof Laura MacLatchy from the University of Michigan in the US gave interesting statistics about apes in Uganda and Africa at large.

She advised the public against destroying vegetation, mostly forests, where apes live.

“I love Uganda because you are gifted by a good climate, hence having almost 21 spices of apes, which has forced many tourists to visit the country,” she said.

Dr  William Olupot told the audience that apes have a long life span, revealing that they can survive for 100 years plus and they take long to get sick.

Dr William Opolot speaking during a panel discussion at the Apes of Uganda Exhibition on February 24, 2023. (All photos by Dickson Ndugwa)

“They have some similar senses with a human beings.”

At 4:00pm, the guest of honour, Butime, arrived at the museum and launched  the exhibition. He thanked the museum for hosting the exhibition in the preparation for World Wildlife Day (March 3).

Butime also called upon the public to visit the museum, saying it has a lot of Uganda’s history.

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