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Antwain Fowler dies at 6, GoFundMe for family hits Sh250m

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Viral internet star Antwain Fowler  passed away yesterday  according to his official Instagram page. The 6-year-old grew famous on social media for asking his mother “Where we about to eat at” in a short and adorable clip that originally surfaced in 2019.

Over the last few months, his mother China was documenting his dificult battle with the Auto-immune disease Enterapothy a rare immune deficiency disorder that attacks the intestines. Antwain had been diagnosed with the condition since July 2015, according to a GoFundMe Page created by his mother, which has amassed over $70K in donations from his loving supporters. “Antwain underwent over 25 surgeries” because of his severe health condition, the campaign page noted.

It’s still unclear as to what caused the tragic death of the young tot, but according to his mother, Antwain developed pneumonia at some point during his hospital stay, however, he was previously able to fight the infection off. China wrote about the challenges of tending for Antwain in addition to her other responsibilities.

Antwain brought the world laughter with another funny video where he could be seen holding a camera close to his face while asking his mother “Is that me?”

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