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Another pair leaves the Big Brother House

by Editorial Team
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By Kalungi Kabuye

Nigeria’s Jaypee and South Africa’s Lukay became the second pair to be evicted from the Big Brother Titans house during Sunday’s eviction show. While Lukay was philosophical about his eviction, saying what was supposed to happen would happen, Jaypee was not amused for being nominated, and then evicted, using a few choice words in the process.

“After all that I did to get here, five years of auditioning and then I leave after 3 weeks, maybe I shouldn’t have been here in the first place,” Jaypee told co-host Lawrence Maleka in the post-eviction interview. “But all the same, there is nothing I would have done differently.”

The pair, dubbed ‘JayKay’, appeared to be in shock when Maleka announced that it was the end of the road for them. It took several seconds before the others crowded around them to say goodbye. There also appeared to be some confusion in the ranks, as Maleka said they had 30 seconds to leave the house, while Big Brother said they had 10. Anyway, they took their time in leaving, and we are curious if Big Brother will punish the housemates for ignoring his instructions.

For his part, Lukay was philosophical, as usual, about the eviction; saying the fact that he left early shows how big a threat he was to the other housemates. He probably forgot that it is not the housemates that vote, but the public. In any case, he was the least colourful of the housemates, and intellectualism and philosophy does not make for very good entertainment.

Big Brother Titans is the first to feature housemates from more than one country since the last Big Brother Africa was held in 2014, almost ten years ago. In the meantime, there was Big Brother Naija, which run for seven seasons; and Big Brother Mzansi, which run for three seasons. 

The Big Brother Titan house originally had 24 housemates, 12 each from Nigeria and South Africa. In a twist, Big Brother announced that they will be competing in pairs, and after a random draw, each housemate was paired off with another from a different country and different gender.

So we have Nana from Nigeria and Thabang from South forming Thabana, Nelisa (SA) and Yemi (Nigeria) forming Yelisa, Juicy Jay (SA) and Olivia (Nigeria) forming Juiovla, and Justin (SA) with Yvonne (Nigeria) forming Juvone.

Others are Blue Aiva (Nigeria) with Kanaga Jr forming Kaniva), Jenni O (Nigeria) with Mmeli (SA) forming Jenne Li, and Khosi (SA) with Miracle OP (Nigeria) forming Khosicle).

Others are Ebubu (Nigeria) with Tsatsii (SA) forming Royals, Marvin (Nigeria) with Yaya (SA) forming Maya, and Blaqboi (Nigeria) with Ipeleng (SA) forming Blaqleng. Sandra (Nigeria) and Theo (SA)_ were the first to be evicted in week two.

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