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Another mental health-themed movie to hit screens soon

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By Hussein Kiganda

Movie Enkuba is tipped to premiere on TV screens this year.

Just like Uganda’s Oscars-rated movie Tembele, Enkuba has a mental health theme.

Enkuba, which means rain in Luganda, is a psychologically thrilling story, which raises awareness about mental health.

It tells the story of brothers Andrew and Nuwagaba Mulwana, who are struggling to help their other brother, Waso Mulwana, who is battling mental health challenges following the death of their parents. The wet season aggravates Waso’s condition.

Behind the scenes. Courtesy photos

“Many people in our African society are living with different mental disorders, which have been affecting their lives. They are doing crazy things due to these conditions, which they don’t take seriously. Enkuba is trying to remind all of us that ignoring mental illness is becoming a serious menace to our society. We need to take care of mental health the way we do for our physical health,” said Hosea Ty Adroa, who doubles as the director, writer and producer.

Enkuba features Allan Sembuga as Andrew Mulwana; Emmanuel Atuhaire as Waso Mulwana; Blair Konoo as Nuwagaba Mulwana; Moses Karis Oteba as Mumbere Mulwana (the father), Ritah Ocen (Ceon) as Dr. Rebeca; Mimi James as Sharon Kiguta, and Isaac Khaweka as Dr. Christopher Owen.

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