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Anniversary! It is 8 years for the Nabwisos

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By Alex Balimwikungu

When it comes to toasting to marital bliss, Uganda’s acting couple; Matthew and Eleanor Nabwiso are up there with the Obamas.   Over the years, these celebrity lovers have pulled out all the stops to show their love for one another and celebrate marriage milestones.

Wednesday  was the couple’s 8th anniversary and even though the claim it caught them unaware, as they were on set shooting their latest movie project, their support cast was on hand to pull a surprise.  The little celebration involved some cake cutting and popping wine bottles as a celebration of eight solid years of togetherness.

In a previous interview, Matthew notably said, ““I married a friend who does not dwell on past mistakes”

He went on, describing why they are like peas in a pod. “I like her character the most. It is real, not something she fakes. She is playful, a character that cheers me up. Sometimes, I get back from work, so stressed and tired, only for her to lighten up my world. She does not keep grudges, she does not live in the past.” To Matthew Nabwiso aka Gilo, Eleanor Nansibo aka Hope is the same woman he fell in love with years back. The couple has four children.

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