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Ankole Cow marathon excites Kampala City

by Editorial Team
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By Titus Kakembo                                                                             

Diners were spoilt for choice, given a variety of optical nutrition and BBQ dishes during a dinner preceding the forthcoming Ankole Cow marathon on January 29.

The curvy ladies dressed in their best dinner frocks and jeans trousers that fitted like second skins sauntered about like the cow returning to the kraal in the evening. It took a stiff neck for one not to turn the neck for a second glance.

Some onlookers had their eyes glued on petit ones with wasp waistlines. Others gawked at beef limbs and extensive backsides.

The traditional musicians just see a lady and compose a song a bout her being tender like ghee, shaped like the horns of the cow and milk to the eyes. Photo by Titus Kakembo

The girls who just want to have fun ogled at men with rugby player bodies, American height and O moustaches.

Rugged comedian Herbert Sugujja had a challenge, impressing the hot girls with his pot belly, Safari hat and yellow shirt had a challenge in the fashion contest. His corrugated forehead made him look too serious at a time when tumblers of wine were being tipped empty and refilled.

Some of the men talked to say they will be in Kololo to see curves in sports frocks. Lonely hearts speculate the occasion will be the right place to go and get a spouse if one is still searching.

Shimmering and tenderness associated with The Ankole Cow. Photo by Titus Kakembo

The organizer is tasked to tell the participants that the event is an occasion to celebrate an animal that has a wealth of history and is an endangered species as farmers go commercial.

“It is a resilient animal which has survived droughts, and floods and remains a symbol of one’s worth in a community,” said Robert Kabatereine, the chairman of the Network of Agro-Tech Farmers.

“The event is destined to be a calendar day,” added Kabatereine. “We will showcase Ankole jazz, food, wine and drama.”

Sharing a light moment during the Ankole Cow dinner at Serena Hotel. Photo by Titus Kakembo

The MC Muhereza Kachina said there is a lot more from Ankole that is yet to be appreciated by wider Uganda.

Eshabwe is what makes the skin fine, the beauty is these days enhanced by necklaces from the famous cow’s horns, the hooves make such nice emolokony stew that can make an Iteso migrate to Mbarara,” summed up Kachina.

Milk, beef and ghee are the secret to appearances that hail from Ankole. Photo by Titus Kakembo

The tickets and marathon kit are available in Capital Shoppers Ntinda, Kingdom Hotel Kampala and six busses are ferrying participants from Mbarara. 

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