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Americans beg Wakaliwood to take “Who Killed Captain Alex” to US

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

If the meaning of a Ugandan hit movie was a title, it could be “Who Killed Captain Alex” by Wakaliwood. It didn’t surprise only Ugandans but movie goers all around the world.

In the style of comedy, the movie won global audiences and received comments from comedian Trevor Noah and many other influential celebrities.

Well, Wakaliwood is doing it’s other parts and it’s fans are waiting eagerly. Fans in America are biting their finger in wait for it. 

The director of the movie, Isaac Nabwana, put up a post asking them if they were ready to receive the sequel and their responses were mind-blowing.

“Florida! Are you ready for the sequel of who killed captain Alex?” He asked.

To this, people from other states rushed to request that he brings theories to their states too and others affirmed that they are waiting for its screening in the country.

Miles?StarWalk: “Do Virginia!!

Kv5: “What about Maryland?”

Mike: “Can you do Arizona next?”

Bad Antelope: “Holy fuck, you guys are coming to Florida?”

Chad King: “Hell yeah! I can’t wait for the sequel”

Monkey Tickler: “When’s Georgia? I love your work too.”


Delisi:  “Not from Florida but I still can’t wait to see it.”


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