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Alien Skin mocks Pallaso over 2020 S.A attack alarm

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By Ahmad Muto

In a cheeky viral TikTok video, singer Alien Skin trolled his tormentor, Pallaso, stating that he is not as tough as the image he is trying to the sell to the public.

On Monday night, May 29, a video of Pallaso roughing up Alien Skin circulated on social media.

In a Facebook live video in South Africa in 2020, Pallaso cried for help, claiming he was under attack by protesters who beat him up, but he escaped and hid at some school.

Basing on the video, Alien Skin said no tough person does that and it was precisely the reason he remained quiet when Pallaso attacked him.

“I saw a video of you in South Africa yelling helplessly that you were stuck in some place you needed help, that attackers were after you. Mafia do not cry like that. Did you hear me do that? You were the one slapping and making noise,” he taunted Pallaso.

“I am not the first person you have done this to. I heard (Mowzey) Radio also complaining about your behaviour. Now I am also one of the top artistes. I am going to look for that Radio clip and make it trend,” he continued.

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