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Alien Skin defends ability to hold concert

by Editorial Team
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By Alfred Byenkya

Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin has defended his ability to hold a concert.

The singer, who is mostly known for his Sitya Danger song, revealed that he has 40 songs to his name.

He noted that there’s no need for the public to doubt his ability to sustain a concert.

In recent television interview, he said he started recording his songs before he even became famous.

“Many people think that I only have two songs that is Sitya Danger and Lock Down, but the truth is that I have 40 songs. Let people check my YouTube Channel and count them,” he boasted.

Some of the songs he listed include Party, Mitwe, Twayiseeko Dda, Enfunaayo, Tonkaaka, Private Part, Sorry and Tulabise.

Alien Skin revealed that he started writing songs many years ago when he was still in school, but dropped out in Senior Two level because his parents never had school fees.

“I am a Senior Two drop-out, but I can at least read and write basic Luganda and English,” he said.

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