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Alien Skin dares Pallaso to boxing match

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Pius Mayanja also known as Pallaso has been challenged to a boxing sparring session by Patrick Mulwana (Alien Skin), to prove that if he truly desired to defeat Pallaso, he could easily overpower him.

The media has been abuzz with news about the ongoing feud between Pallaso and Alien Skin, following the circulation of a viral video showing Pallaso thumping Alien Skin.

During an interview, the Sitya Danger artiste maintained that his encounter with Pallaso was entirely a setup.

He proposed that if Pallaso wants a genuine confrontation, they should settle it within the confines of a boxing ring, akin to a bullfight.

“Let us arrange a sparring session lasting approximately seven minutes. They say that when two powerful entities clash, it is the innocent bystanders who suffer. I do not want the residents of the ghetto to be embroiled in this messy situation,” stated Alien Skin.

He likened Pallaso’s actions to those of a cowardly fighter who ambushes an unsuspecting opponent, blindsiding them and forcefully ejecting them from the ring.

Nevertheless, when considering the underlying theme of his song Sitya Danger, it depicts someone who is always prepared for any situation and willing to take whatever action necessary.

It should be noted that Pallaso subjected Alien Skin to a series of slaps, reminiscent of a thief caught in the act, while Alien Skin remained passive and refrained from retaliating.

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