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Aldrine Nsubuga Mobile Money fraudsters identified

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By Alfred Byenkya

Sports analyst and marketing executive Aldrine Nsubuga Senior has thanked MTN Uganda for taking action against Mobile Money fraud.

Nsubuga recently said he survived losing his savings of around sh7, 980,000 to Mobile Money fraudsters, who attempted to withdraw his money.

In a social media post, he said he filed a formal complaint to the company and the culprit was identified and is being pursued by the Police.

“They found the story to be legitimate and accounts are true. The culprit was identified as one of their merchants. Action immediately taken was to deactivate the merchant code to disable his activity, file a police case and handle as criminal case. The thieving merchant is currently on the run, but the Police is in pursuit,” Nsubuga said in a long Facebook post.

He said investigations are still going on regarding how the culprits were able to get real time visibility of his account balances.

“As yet, no MTN staff has been found to be either guilty or as an accomplice. Investigations continue. The company has decided to launch a public fraud awareness campaign to sensitise the public on the dos and donts through strategic partnership with the media,’’ Nsubuga revealed.

He ended his post by saying that the company has appreciated his whistle-blowing as this has helped them identify some flaws in their system they were not aware of.

“I credit the senior customer service manager who has handled this professionally. I am personally satisfied that MTN has done all this in pure entrepreneurship spirit which understands that service is key to retaining business. I am also happy that through my whistle-blowing, a lot of customers’ money could have been saved and the steps being taken will deter similar offenses,” Nsubuga added.

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