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Alcohol is ruining my son- Weasel’s mother

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

It is every mother’s nightmare watching a successful child spiral out of control over alcohol abuse. Following singer Weasel’s Shenanigans where he clobbered his Shamba boy with a golf club, his (weasel’s) mother has conceded her son needs help.

Well, having heard that Weasel beat up one of his workers known as Kaweesi, Weasel’s mother visited Kaweesi, who is now nursing wounds at Mulago hospital. She offered some help and apologized to Kaweesi’s mother, saying that her son’s weakness is alcohol.

“Weasel is always fine when he is sober. He only gets bad when he sips some alcohol. His problem is drinking. When he takes it, I think it affects him so much and he needs to change. I am going to talk to him so that he should change. He can not keep hurting people because he is drunk…,”she said. 

Weasel’s change in character is also bothering elder brother Chameleone. He has implored Weasel to grow!

“Every child breaks up utensils here and there while growing. Weasel is still in a younger state where he thinks that everything is solved by a fight. When he grows up more, like me, he will learn and become more responsible. Now for me, does my name appear in those sagas nowadays?…,”Chameleone opined.

As Weasel’s parents and siblings fought his battles and tainted image, Weasel had the nerve to post on social media that he was holed in Kenya and was just flying to Uganda. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson reveals that Weasel is to be arrested for assault.

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