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Akothee to leave Kenya, have a baby in next 7 months

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By Ahmad Muto

Kenyan singer and socialite, Akothee has vowed to leave Kenya before Friday, May 19, 2023 for three reasons. One, she claims her and the husband, Denis Schweizer got back to work immediately after they wedding last month and haven’t had enough time together to even unbox their gifts yet.

“Wedding is the beginning of living together and knowing each other better. I don’t think I will ever have another beautiful wedding like this one, the next one will be a unique one too. We haven’t even opened our wedding gifts, my husband left for work immediately after a rest of two weeks,” she wrote on Instagram.

Two, it is already mid May but the singer wants to get pregnant and have a baby in the remaining seven months of 2023, therefore she is putting everything on hold.

“We haven’t gotten time to go for honey moon. Days are running and the year is getting closer, we are not pregnant Yet, I think I am too stressed. So, I want to put everything on hold and concentrate on my love life. If I don’t get pregnant between now and July, every other thing will wait…” she added.

Three, Akothee claimed she is quitting social media and on the order of her husband is leaving Kenya before Friday.

“I will take a break from everyone and everything including social media.
Allow me look for my second last Born baby, before we talk about other things. I want to be a mother this year….my husband has ordered I quit social media, stop working and leave Kenya Before Friday,” she stated.  Akothee and Schweizer got married in Nairobi, Kenya on April 10, 2023

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