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Akothee, Harmonize gang up on Jaguar over wealth

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Kenyan singer Akothee has blasted musician/politician Jaguar over claims that he is wealthier than her. She questioned Jaguar, who is the chief administrative secretary (CAS) in the ministry of youth and sports, on the source of his claims and challenged him on comparing his wealth with women yet there are men he can compare himself with.

According to her, Jaguar took a gamble in politics to make money and not necessarily to help the people.

Akothee expressed happiness that the Kigeugeu hitmaker lost the Starehe seat in the Kenyan parliament in 2022.

On Instagram, she said: “Most celebs run into politics to make money… not to change the economy, I feel good when people chase you.”

Her rebuttal came after Jaguar had said he has been in the music industry for over a decade-and-a-half and if Tanzanian crooner Harmonize or Akothee turned out wealthier than him, he would quit music immediately.

Akothee was triggered by accusations made by Kenyans that Jaguar has been spending their taxes recklessly since his appointment as CAS in the ministry of youth and sports.

Comedian Eric Omondi, Akothee stressed, is the only entertainer with the credentials to mention her name. She also said some of the men comparing themselves with her never show up when invited to fundraising events, where she is also expected.

Across the border, Harmonize joined forces with Akothee to challenge Jaguar. He said if he were Jaguar, he would have quit music a long time ago.

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