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Akon says he was happier when poor

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Senegalese-American multi award-winning artiste Akon has revealed that he was happier when poor. He says nobody is going to tell him he did not go through poverty. He is having more problems dealing with all that comes with being successful than he had to deal with when he was poor.
This comes a month after he said rich people have more problems than the poor, attracting a lot of backlash with many accusing him of arrogance. He argued that rich people always want to look like they have everything in control when actually a lot is going on that they can hardly handle. He added that rich people go through a lot more than the poor just like they say ’more money, more problems’.
The singer was in Uganda in April this year to pursue his Akon City project dubbed Wakanda City. The magnitude of the project and his net worth, a modest $80m raised questions. He answered that he is working with a number of investors. Akon also revealed that he received one square mile for the project after picking one out of the three choices President Museveni gave him to build the city worth $6b of investment.

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