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Akatuuti show gives emphatic start to Nansambu’s career

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By Reagan Ssempijja

After the first edition of Pearl Of Africa (POA) Star Search organised by Talent Africa Group in 2021, a fresh talented vocalist in the names of Sandra Nansambu was delivered to the music industry.

While some focused on her physical disability,  wondering whether or not she would confidently compete with the rest, Nansambu focused on her vocal prowess to outcompete all the other contestants.

However, like what usually becomes of many talent star search winners, Nansambu went silent for a while, leaving the public to speculate on whether or not her career would scale further than the cash prize and record deal she walked away with on grand finale day.

To put these speculations to sleep, therefore, Talent Africa Group put together Nansambu’s maiden show dubbed Akatuuti, on April 23, at Alliance Française – Kampala

The show, meant to unveil Nansambu the musician to the public, was curated by a former contestant of the same talent search, Brian Aliddeki.

Supported by top five finalists of the POA Star Search – Casteen Yesu Anjagala, Ibrahim Solo and Tracy Mirembe, among others –  Nansambu took to stage with a group of dancers, displaying an entertaining set of Bakisimba dance and more.

Those who did not know Nansambu did not notice that she was one of the dancers, but she was, and boy is she a thrilling dancer,  too.

Her performance with Ibrahim Solo, a rapper and poet, was one of the night’s highlights.

The two made Ugandans in attendance love their country more, and foreigners prolong their stay here, through a duet fused with Nansambu’s vocal ability and Solo’s hip-hop skills.

Later, Solo would return with an emotion-evoking poem about why Ugandans need to love, cherish their country more than they claim to do.

Nansambu at her maiden show dubbed Akatuuti at Alliance Française on April 23

Nansambu and Ibrahim Solo at Alliance Française

Still talking Nansambu, she returned with another crowd-enchanting song – Oh Uganda.

This, backed by former POA Star search contestants, launched Nansambu’s career in every sense of it because even when her heels almost made her stumble off the stage, she maintained her poise, vocal strength and moved on with the performance.

You could see that the team at Talent Africa Group has been busy with her, lately.

Yesu Anjagala was another crowd-puller, with his charming dance moves.

After his performance, it was safe to say, he could be a better dancer than a singer.

At the same show, Talent Africa Group boss Aly Allibhai intimated about the return of the POA Star Search, later this year.



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