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Ailing Jose Chameleone defends Daniella

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim came out over the weekend to bash people sharing her ailing husband’s photo online.
She accused the online community of traumatising their children, making them so inquisitive that she has to explain to them what Pilori is – the bacterial infection Chameoleone is allegedly suffering from. 
She wrote on Instagram: “But why are we all sharing that so ‘unpleasant photo of our personal person’? Do you guys realise he has children far from him whose emotional wellbeing you and me must protect? So I am busy looking collected explaining to my children that pilori is a bacterial infection that should clear with consistent treatment and you are all sharing a damn picture. Don’t we all have a happy picture of our favourite human?”
Fans made it a point to report Daniella to Chameleone on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 when he surfaced online and put up a post thanking his mother for always being by his side. 
“Thank you Mama, Your love is evident. You have never given up on the truth! I will grow stronger learning from you. God grant you more life.”
Enock Prince wrote: “Sir I am reporting Daniella to you, she was stopping us from posting this.”
Singer Jose Chameleone replied: “Ow, she must feel so sad seeing this state but that is the truth.”

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