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Aganana turns heads as he resumes lectures

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By Ivan Kabuye

Singer Sadat Mukibi aka Kalifah Aganana always prides in his intellect. He has severally complained about being intellectually lonely whenever he tried to engage fellow musicians into meaningful conversations.

The singer, who recently bagged a scholarship courtesy of Victoria University scholarship scheme finally reported to class.  It is still early days but if what we observed is anything to go by, Aganaga is already a celebrity student.  He walks, talks and acts like one.  This is not because of his distinct hairstyle, but the fact that he wastes no time rubbing his credentials among fellow students.

Interestingly, he has gone back to school after turning down an offer from President Museveni. Before the lockdown in 2020, president  Museveni had granted musician Khalifa Aganaga a scholarship to study any course of his choice in the United States when he visited State House with other selected celebrities. At that time, It was not confirmed when exactly the former Twinkle star artist would start the course.

“School Time, No more lies, No more going to America. All I wanted was education, even when they have lied to me the ghetto boy that won’t stop me from pursuing my education goals, Now that Victoria University Kampala Uganda has volunteered to grant me this opportunity of education because of my good grades/results, I can’t turn this down,” he posted.

The Gudigude singer is pursuing a  Digital Marketing And Events Management at Victoria University.

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