Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Aganaga falls out with UK-based artiste over song rights

by Editorial Team
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By Alfred Byenkya

UK-based artiste Emily Smith has fallen out with singer Khalifa Aganaga over the rights to a song Aganaga wrote and produced for her.

She claims that Aganaga has refused to give her full streaming and performance rights for the song despite paying him sh1.6m for the job. 

“Aganaga inboxed me at the beginning of the year and asked me to pay him money for writing and recording a song at his studios. I accepted and I paid him money, but he has made a U-turn on what we agreed upon and now wants to partly own my song,” Smith said in a social media video.

She used her social media platforms to expose Aganaga, who has apparently threatened to strike her on YouTube in case she uploads the song on her channel.

Aganaga, who is the owner Bad Character studio, has said he will give Smith full copyright over the song if the two sides sit down and agree on terms and conditions, which will be mutually beneficial.

In a TV interview, Aganaga said he only wants to get the song writing and production rights but the performance and streaming rights will go to the singer. 

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