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Africa Laughs red carpet: Who wore it best?

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Recently, comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi was one of the acts scheduled to perform at a comedy back to school-kilo Mo edition.

However, he turned it down because he wasn’t comfortable with the dress code he was supposed to follow. Apparently, he was supposed to dress like a clown.  The funny man doesn’t clown when it comes to his wardrobe.

Host and Comedian Salvado Idringi dons his princely outfit. Photo, Karim Ssozi

His princely garb at the Africa Laughs Comedy show at Kololo on Friday was the cream of the crop. He looked princely in his outfit and one clearly told he put a lot of effort in his outfit.

 Going to a comedy show is not like going to a red-carpet event, so once you peered through the attendees, you noticed that many went for the casual outfits.

Kenya’s Eric Omondi turned up in a “Dairy Cow” inspired outfit. Photo by Karim Ssozi

Was it to keep themselves off the radar? May be.  It was only the likes of event Emcee Deedan Muyiira, Eleanor Nabwiso were flashy and outlandish.  

Many of the attendees were dressed casually in Jeans. Photo by Karim Ssozi

For many, the goal was to have fun without being uncomfortable in any manner throughout the evening.

They chose a cheeky pose for the camera on the red carpet. Photo. Karim Ssozi
Eleanor Nabwiso dressed to impress while her husband went for the casual look: Photo. Karim Ssozi
They went for a chic look. Photo by Karim Ssozi
These went for mini dresses that showed off some flesh. Photo by Karim Ssozi
She confidently showed off some flesh on the red carpet. Photo. Karim Ssozi

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