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Afande Lanek blasts pastor Ngooma over receiving Maama Fiina’s money

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By Mariam Nakalema 

The president of Uganda gospel musicians, Denis Lanek alias Afande Lanek, has blasted his fellow musician, Joseph Ngooma, over accepting money offered by the leader of traditional healers in Uganda, Maama Fiina aka Sophie Nantongo.

The incident happened at David Lutalo’s Nalongo concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Kampala on September 29, 2023. 

When Ngooma was singing his Nkuwa Amatendo song, an excited Maama Fiina walked over to the stage and gave him money.

The development irked Lanek.

“Imagine a pastor receiving a witchdoctor’s money. It was bad for him to accept that money. We all know where Maama Fiina gets her money from and that is from witchcraft. She is the president of witchdoctors in Uganda. It is such an a shame, for we are born-again Christians,” Lanek said during his interview with The Kampala Sun at Papa’s Spot in Makindye, a city suburb, on October 2.

In response to Lanek, Ngooma said there was no problem with him receiving Maama Fiina’s money.

“As an artiste, my soul is covered by the blood of Jesus and when I come to concerts, I come to preach the word of God, so I do not care about people’s words,” he stated during an interview at Lutalo’s show. 

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