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Add some spice like you do to headlines about me – Chameleone fumes

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Jose Chameleone was left fuming over what you would naturally assume should have been reason enough to be cheerful. His new song Otandeka featuring One Blood – a Western Uganda based female singer – was given some attention by a local Kansanga-based blog/radio station but he felt not much was said and even the little was not said right – no touch, no vibe, no hype, and no props.
In a reaction that he has now shared across all his social media pages, he has wondered why they haven’t used the same energy they have when using his name to sell headlines. That the song has everything to do with helping children, but they have not even focused on the personality and responsibilities of the other singer, One Blood who plans to use the proceeds to invest in the children in her care.

“Can you add spice on this like we are partners in lifting the best of Uganda. Just like when you post me to make headlines. Let’s headline this. Just saying I teamed with One blood doesn’t make her feel supported. You can misuse knowledge, platform etc – But we can also use it to make better. I met Asia giving care to so many children, I was challenged how she does it.

They welcomed me and I asked her what I could contribute financially. She bravely asked me to give a her a chance to sing with me so she can thereafter be earning so she can provide without asking for favours. Here we are and you administrator of this page don’t want to share the chance to this young lady and her responsibilities. Highlight her and make a way so she can make others be proud that you were part of a big story. Not the usual mediocrity.”

The audio version of the song that Chameleone shared on his YouTube channel over the weekend had only managed about 10,000 views in one day, trending at #22 on YouTube music chart for Uganda.

Chameleone and some of his protégés including the late Mowzey Radio have had a history of violence that got triggered everytime they felt their art was not being appreciated enough by a crowd or DJ. They fought media reporters, presenters and DJs for allegedly not being kind to their craft and not playing their songs even in their presence.
In 2016, DJs vowed to stop playing Chameleone’s songs after a confrontation he had at industrial area based Club Play with a one DJ Bryan. In 2014, he was accused of attacking DJ Roja at Club Venom accusing him of not playing his songs properly.

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