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Actress Vanessa Zalwango wins Women In Film Monologue Challenge

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By Hussein Kiganda

Talented young actress Vanessa Diana Zalwango has emerged as the winner in the Women In Film Monologue Challenge, which commenced several months ago.

Organised by Cinema Ug, a film marketing company led by Jesca Ahimbisibwe, this challenge was part of the Women In Film Program — an initiative focused on empowering women within the industry.

“I am extremely happy and struggling to find words to express my emotions. This victory means the world to me and has thrust me into the spotlight. I am optimistic that multiple directors have taken notice of me. Surely, acting opportunities will come my way after this,” Zalwango remarked upon her victory.

The actress was awarded a prize of sh500,000. The first and second runners-up, King Missy and Sharon Atuhaire Acire, were awarded sh300,000 and sh200,000.

The judges, led by Aganza Kisaka, were Dialo Ssekidde, Samuel Savior Kizito and Sharon Gayita.

Ssekidde emphasised that the judging process was characterised by fairness, guided by five key principles that underpinned their decisions.

“The jury used an integral system of five rubrics metrics in the judging process. Each element in the rubrics was 20/100 and, therefore, all contestants were judged in accordance to how they performed in every individual element. The elements included; interpretation and understanding, emotional connection and authenticity, vocal abilities/ tones and physical techniques, Characterization and range, and timing and pacing,” he explained.

The challenge began with female creatives submitting recorded monologues and scripts, culminating in a live performance on July 16, 2023, during the Film and Culture Market hosted at the National Theatre.

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