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Actress Nisha Kalema urges Uganda Film Festival to pick a leaf from iKon Awards

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By Hussein Kiganda

Multi-award-winning actress Nisha Kalema, known for her role in the movie Veronica’s Wish, which was released in 2018, has enjoined the Uganda Film Festival (UFF) organisers to copy a few things from the iKon awards held in March 2023.

The founder of the iKon Awards is Humphrey Nabimanya. The awards are aimed at celebrating film and television in Uganda, by recognising, educating, informing, and awarding talented players in the industry. Popular Nigerian actor Ramsey Nouah graced the awards ceremony at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

While appearing on Urban TV on April 6, Nisha noted that the iKon Awards were better organised in terms of presentation compared to UFF.

“The iKons were so perfect. I hope and pray that they (UFF organisers) are watching. This organisation that these people (the iKon organisers) have, we need it for the UFF. What made them different was that they brought people who understand the film industry to emcee at the event, and everyone who attended felt recognised and part of it,” she said.

Nisha, however, maintained that the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), which organises the UFF, has been key in developing the Ugandan film industry and that filmmakers are thankful to them.

She said the UCC has been consistent, organised workshops, instituted a jury for the UFF, supported film events at home and abroad for local filmmakers, and has sponsored filmmakers for scholarships.

Nishaa won Best Actress at the iKon Awards for her role in the movie Bedroom Chains, which also won three awards at UFF.

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