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Actors urged to market films in which they feature

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By Hussein Kiganda

Ugandan film producer and director Swaib Nakibinge commonly known for his movie “Akapapula”, has fumed at actors for not getting involved in the promotion of the movies in which they feature.

The filmmaker took to his social media handles to express his disappointment in many of the actors that do not share posters or post about the movies’ releases.

“I agree that it’s a producer’s duty to market the film but my question is, what do we lose as actors when we join to hype the films we featured in?” He asked.

He asked actors to stop boasting around the movies they acted in yet they can not be proud to market them to the public.

My humble request is that Ugandan actors should try to engage in marketing films they you have featured in instead of bossing around that I featured in films X and Y,” he advised.

Actress Jackline Nalumansi has weighed in on the debate. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Last month, a heated debate broke out during one of the Film Club Uganda Sessions where some film producers claimed that actors do not make it to movie premieres and screenings yet the audience needs to see them.

Talking to The Kampala Sun, Godfrey Musinguzi, the CEO at Uganda Cinema Night, a monthly film show dedicated to Ugandan films, said that it’s vital for main actors to be present at premiere events.

“I have noticed that many filmmakers don’t show up for these screenings, even the lead role actors. But also on the other hand it’s not their work or role to attend the screenings unless it is a premiere screening like the opening screening day for the film. And they can only attend if invited by the director or producer for traffic,” he said.

Godfrey Musinguzi reveals that film makers have a large following and can sway crowds. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Musinguzi revealed that to convince the public to come for a movie screening or Show, he uses the filmmakers because these have large followings.

“At Uganda Cinema Night, we are always marketing our screenings using the actors and crew of that film because the challenge today is that Ugandan films have not yet raised an audience for Cinema. More work needs to be done in that line,” he said.

Actor Christiano Okitwi, known for his roles in “Your turn”, “Deadly mistakes”, “Sanyu”, “The Office”, and several more, said actors are ready to promote the films they feature in but they are not given the right materials to use at the right time.

“There’s no way an actor will refuse to market or promote any work they are involved in. Here, if a producer doesn’t have a plan, then the actor has nothing to do. But if a producer does have a plan on how they are to market, then it’s okay, because as an actor, I will definitely share or post the materials I have always been provided with. If they provide me with nothing, then I post or share nothing,” Okitwi said.

He added that if a producer has a bad movie they will always complain because no actor will want to promote poor work.

Actress Jackline Nalumansi said it depends on the contract signed by the two sides. If the actor’s contract has nothing to do with promotion and marketing, then they will not get involved.

“Some actors sign contracts to act and they do their work. The marketing and promotion bit may not come to their minds if producers do not ask them to be part of it from the start. Personally, I have a passion for film so I am forced to promote the work I feature in,” she said.

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