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Actor Housen Mushema opens up on challenges in modelling

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By Hussein Kiganda

While renowned actor and model, Housen Mushema, is celebrated for his exceptional contributions to the world of modeling, he describes his journey as one that spans a million miles, dedicated to establishing a brand uniquely his own.

During his appearance on Urban TV’s “FunPlus” program on September 14, Mushema shed light on the often unseen challenges faced by fashion models and actors. He emphasized that it takes an immense amount of courage, bravery, and self-confidence, hidden behind the public eye, to achieve their goals.

Mushema recollected moments when he found himself standing before large audiences wearing unconventional outfits, which were perceived as nearly naked from an African perspective. He particularly remembered an incident when, during a runway show, a singer unexpectedly took the stage, leaving him and fellow models in their underwear waiting for almost an hour in front of a mesmerized crowd.

“The time I can never forget was when I wore an underwear at a certain runway and while we were supposed to go on stage, a singer came to perform midway, so we remained there for almost an hour, with all the people looking at us. The other time was when input on a male G-string and was in front of so many people. I felt like it was so insane,” Mushema said.

Reflecting on his earlier days, the actor shared a story about his first advertising gig, a vasectomy advertisement for Maristopes. Interestingly, he confessed that he didn’t fully grasp the campaign’s nature until a decade later. At that time, it was primarily about earning money while he was still a university student. However, over the years, he has evolved into a more seasoned professional model who comprehends the intricacies of the industry.

“My first advert, this was a vasectomy advert by Marie stopes. I got to know about what it was 10 years later,” he wrote.

When questioned about his relentless pursuit of his career, Mushema cited his fear of financial instability and his desire to stay in step with global trends and accomplished peers as the driving forces that keep him moving forward.

Housen Mushema has left his mark through his remarkable performances in notable productions such as “Balikoowa in the City,” “Veronica’s Wish,” “False Dreams,” “The Hostel,” “Power of Legacy,” and many others

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