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Abitex drags Olaxes to CID over Danz Kumapeesa

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By Ahmad Muto
City events promoter Abbey Musinguzi, alias Abitex, has filed a complaint against social and political commentator Isma Olaxes at the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) headquarters in Kibuli seeking his arrest, following his utterances about the death of music producer Danz Kumapeesa.
Abitex argued that legislators Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Sewanyana were picked because police did its investigations yet none of them had a machete or was caught in Masaka, but Olaxes said he was one of those that killed the producer himself.
“Isma said he killed Danz Kumapeesa, but because he subscribes to the NRM, he has been raising his thumb while threatening people. He told Ykee Benda they will knock him and an accident happened. And now he said he was among those that killed Danz, but police are just looking on,” he said.
Charles Twiine, the CID Public Relations Officer (PRO), said Abitex went to them asking to file a complaint against Olaxes where he was told to put it in writing which he did, with the help of his lawyers. And the letter has been put in the registry.
However, he explained that they are going to revisit the Police file that was opened after the producer’s death, but they would not just arrest Olaxes because that is how people get police bond and it will not impress those calling for his arrest without investigations.
“Words alone will not be enough, we need other evidence to support the things he said. The clip was in Luganda and we have to translate it to English. Let us find the file and give justice. From the Directory, it goes to the Director CID who will advise and give a team the time to investigate. So, we are not rushing to arrest him because if we do, he will get police bond and it will annoy you,” Twiine explained.

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