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Abdul Mulaasi disowns ‘son’ Ricardo Omuto

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By Hussein Kiganda

At one point, Ricardo Omuto was thought to be Abdul Mulaasi’s son following the hype and praise the Swimming Pool singer heaped on the then youngster.

The young boy was the “Fresh Kid” of the 2010s, groomed into the music business by Abdul Mulaasi.

Ricardo Omuto later put a halt on music to focus on his education.

Well, it seems the relationship has turned sore for the ‘father-son’ duo.

Ricardo Omuto doesn’t seem to recognise Mulaasi as his ‘father’ anymore. During an interview, the former child star accused Mulaasi of exploitation.

“I demand a lot of money from Abdul Mulaasi, about sh50m. I got so many bookings under his label, but I was never paid. He never helped me that much as people think,” he said.

To this, Mulaasi expressed his disappointment in the young singer and referred to him as a disrespectful son. He revealed that he will no longer treat him as his son.

“I am so much disappointed in him. I used to treat him as my own child. I brought him up from childhood and showed him the way in the music industry, so if this is the way he is repaying me, that’s so embarrassing. He, therefore, ceases to be my son,” Mulaasi said.

In 2019, Ricardo came back into the music business after completing his form six and he rebranded to Big Boy Ricardo 256, but later became simply Ricardo.

In his latest song Awo, he seems to have gone back to his childhood name Ricardo Omuto and has shifted from Kadongo Kamu to Afro-beat.

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