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A Timeline: I have missed Sheebah so much – Pallaso

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Pallaso who some years back spent 23 of his 24 hours a day with Sheebah, atleast going by how they documented their escapades online is yet to recover from how hard he was dropped.

According to him, when he met Sheebah recently, he shared his sentiments with her despite her attitude towards him.

“Sheebah is one person I have missed in my life for a long time. Sheebah was my good friend. We were very close. We met and I told her, ‘you used to be my close friend.’ She replied, ‘you weren’t my close friend.’ We talked a lot, it was a very emotional time. Even tears dropped. But I’m proud of her, she is proud of me,” said Pallaso while on a sit down with media personality Mr. Henrie.  

About a possible collaboration in the future, he said nothing is impossible. Sheebah and Pallaso were at time were arguably the most prolific duo in music, they released Go Down Low that even Jamaican reggae star, Shaggy recognized, Mundongo among others.  

Speaking to the media in 2016, Pallaso accused his former manager Jeff Kiwa of Team No Sleep of driving a wedge between them. Her song Wantama he said was directed at him after he left the music camp to start his own Team Good Music. That he noticed Sheebah had changed when they met at concerts, she would not show interest in him.

In 2018, while performing at the former Club Amnesia, he told revelers he was hurt by the fact that Sheebah had cut him off.

In 2022, he was left disappointed after Sheebah didn’t invite him to perform at her 2-day concert at the Kampala Serena Hotel in December.

He lamented that she moved on so fast. “If you’ve come from far with some people and she doesn’t feel the urge, I’m not important to her. If I go there without invitation, then I’m just assuming importance,” he said.  

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