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A Pass says pass to battle with Aganaga

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By Ahmad Muto

Dancehall singer A Pass is the latest artiste to press pass after getting dared to a stage battle.

Real name Alexander Bagonza, A Pass was dared to a stage music battle by Kalifah Aganaga, who claims he makes better music than the Wuuyo singer.

He, however, acknowledged that A Pass is a good artiste, just not at his level and dared him to step on stage and they battle it out if he thinks otherwise. Aganaga made the remarks while appearing on a local television station.

A Pass has since responded to the bait, conceding that Aganaga is actually a better artiste than him and so, there is no need for a battle.


“I believe he is better than me, which means the battle is not necessary,” he tweeted.

This is not the first time Aganaga is daring A Pass to a battle.

In 2018, he dared the singer to a freestyle battle. The other artiste to dare A Pass to a battle was singer Latinum.

A Pass has been lauded by his fans for the response to Aganaga.

According to them, their star is mature enough to concede defeat rather than give in to the dare that they think is worthless.

The last time the idea of a music battle fully consumed the music industry was in 2019 when singer Cindy Sanyu dared Sheebah Karungi to a stage battle. The former argued that the latter was a terrible stage performer and wanted to prove it. 

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