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A Pass says he does not sing for everyone

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Dancehall singer Alexander Bagonza is not happy with the way a number of people have conflicting opinions in regards to his music. He has particularly assured those having issues with his craft that there are those that get it and are the ones he is focusing on because he has no time to woo fans.
“I do not sing for everyone, I sing for those who get it. I cannot give everybody what they want, I do it for those who vibe with me, I have no time to make music to convince you to be my fan.”
In 2020, he said Ugandan artistes took a route he was not willing to take; recording ‘very disposable’ music and accused the fans of aiding the production of the poor-quality because they do not explore.
“Ugandan music is very disposable right now, no disrespect to my fellow artistes, but something is wrong, is the music so simple and digestible that it does not need that much time spent listening? Or do we not pay attention to the words anymore? And this also goes to the fans.”
He added: “Ugandan fans should actually look out for artistes. Do not just look at A Pass and the other common people around. Find the artistes because they are out there. Some people are doing some dope stuff, but you are not paying attention to them and you are paying attention to people who are marketed to you.”
In May this year, he ordered all Ugandan websites that upload music by Ugandan artistes to remove all his, accusing them of not paying. He tweeted: “All Uganda websites that upload Ugandan music and do not pay money to the artistes please remove all my music on your platform when you see this tweet.”
Just last week, the Wuuyo also advised those protesting his social media posts to log out instead of expecting everything to conform to their ideas and beliefs.
A Pass has collaborated with a number of local artistes; Radio and Weasel, Don MC, Cindy, The Mith, Lilian Mbabazi and Jamaican star, Konshens on Gamululu.

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