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A fan contributed sh30m for my Benz – Lydia Jazmine

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By Ahmad Muto

In 2021, singer Lydia Jazmine received a white Mercedes Benz as a birthday gift at the Kampala Serena Hotel when turned 30. It was allegedly from her manager of a few months then, Ronnie Mulindwa, who also drove a similar car. 

However, some critics argued that the car was borrowed from a bond in Munyonyo to be returned two days after the birthday party. 

The source of funds of the vehicle and whether it was indeed a gift became an issue of contention.

Media personality Eddie Ssendi particularly accused Jazmine of misleading the public by claiming it was a gift yet it was her savings from performances and endorsement deals. 

Turns out he was right.

Asked about the biggest gift she has ever received while being hosted by media personality Brian Mckenzie on a local radio station on Thursday, September 14, 2023, Jazmine mentioned the Benz and disclosed the source of part of the funds. 

She said one of her ardent fans who has also supported several other local artistes made a contribution of sh30m while the rest was her savings.  

During the same interview, teased by Mckenzie on why she was wearing shades in the morning, she said as an artiste, she records her songs in the night and so sometimes her eyes aren’t the best to look at in the morning. 

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