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A battle of the knights in the offing

by Editorial Team
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By Mariam Nakalema

Every year, Kabaka Mutebi recognises some of his subjects for the achievements they have made in different fields. Matthias Walukaga and Mesach Ssemakula are two of such people who have been knighted by the Kabaka. however, for them, the honour seems to have gone to their heads, and you cannot blame them. 

Matthias Walukagga performs for the crowd after performing at the Kabaka Run. Photo By Mariam Nakalema

During the Kabaka Birthday run on Sunday, after their performance in Lubiri, the two contemplated about having a battle show akin to a hip hop verzus.

Mesach Ssemakula was engaged in a battle of sorts with Mesach Ssemakula for attention. Photo by Mariam Nakalema

The call came from the audience, but the two meek artistes seemed to warm to it. If these guys are going to turn up in hip hop gear instead of tunics and their snake shoes on their battle concert, we shall not hesitate to report them to Kabaka.

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