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📸 When hot pants terrorised men in Jinja

by Editorial Team
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By Emmanuel Ssejjengo

The festival was named Bell Lager Roast and Rhyme, the Nyam on the Nile edition. Of course, most ladies dressed the part.

Without passing a memo around, it got to most of their heads that patras, or rather denim hot pants, were the most appropriate for the day.

There were some who looked just awesome. The hot pants come with their form of etiquette. You just don’t throw your legs every way when those things are barely covering your legs.

For the sake of decency, the pant should also cover the entire butt cheeks. Not so many followed such etiquette to the dot, however.

Denim hot pants are also not an opportunity for cellulite displays. Sometimes, some people should just let things go. When the thick-thighed ones go for them, it gives an impression of drumsticks being roasted in there. And perhaps for them, that was the meaning of Roast and Rhyme.

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