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📸 Revellers groove to Congolese music at Sheraton

by Editorial Team
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By Hajarah Nalwadda

 DJ Nash provided the Congolese Afro soundtrack to the partying crowd at Sheraton Kampala Hotel’s swimming pool on Saturday (July 16) night.

A Night in Kinshasa was aimed at bringing more than a rhumba and soukous sonic feel to Kampala. 

Guests attend a night in Kinshasa event at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala on July 17 2022. (All Photos by Hajarah Nalwadda)

There was the cuisine, most of it strange, some of it familiar: Lablabi soup, fufu (borrowing heavily from West Africa), plantain (much like our own gonja), and mbala (circularly sliced sweet potato with its skin on). 

Congolese band perform.

The heavy presence of zungus communicating in le langue Francaise, punctuating their speech with “bonjour, oui oui, ca va, merci” attested to the fact that Kinshasa is the world’s largest francophone urban area, as in the city with the most speakers of French in the world.


Have a look at the rest of the pictures from the function, all by Hajjarah Nalwadda;

Guests enjoy a moment during a night in Kinshasa event.
Guests pose for photos after the event.
Guests serve food during a night in Kinshasa.

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