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📷 Chris Evans turns women on at Freedom City show

by Editorial Team
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By Dickson Ndugwa

Chris Evans is a special type of man, perhaps our equivalent of a modern-day Teddy Pendergrass. Teddy, an American singer, was known for hypnotising women in his audience by his mere appearance. One of the characteristics of the hypnosis was women throwing their wet panties at him on stage.

We did not see wet panties on stage at Evans’ show at Freedom City in Najjanankumbi on Entebbe Road on Saturday, October 29, but what we observed was akin to hypnosis.

Chris Evans (second-left) performing at Freedom City in Najjanankumbi on Entebbe Road on October 29, 2022. (All photos by Dickson Ndugwa)

The women just did not sing, they screamed, hugged anything, cried and did things we did not capture because of our high moral standards. That people started getting into the hall as early as 2:00pm, one would have expected them to be tired and drunk. Instead, Chris Evans’ presence just worked like an energiser shot.

A fan cries tears of joy in Chris Evans’ chest

His performance was in chronological order, with the women’s man kicking off with Ndikusasulaki, his first hit in 2012.

He then took the revellers through a catalogue of his songs and only stopped briefly to look at his admiring fans.

Typical of the cry baby that he is, Chris Evans thanked his parents for… well… giving birth to him. Who else does that? He then thanked the fans who showed up. He was, however, animated in thanking New Vision for sponsoring his concert.

Women dish money out to their celebrity, Chris Evans
Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake appreciating Evans

Chris Evans introducing his mother
Chris Evans introduces and thanks the Bukkede TV team for the support

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